Our Commitment

Himalayan Naari is a catalyst for long-term change by providing women artisans with opportunities for economic empowerment and ways to strengthen their communities


Our Platform

Skills and quality training

  • Build artisan skills  based upon their traditional crafts.
  • Work in collaboration with local knitters and weavers to share new stitches, patterns, and designs.
  • Strengthen quality practices to ensure outstanding products.

Sustainable incomes

  • Provide artisan income based on Fair Trade principles.
  • Create income opportunities for women where few options are available.
  • Return all profit to Himalayan Naari.

Market Access

  • Provide access to the international marketplace where artisans are able to sell their products above local market prices.
  • Develop the Naari brand of fine quality, modern design and traditional crafts.
craft image, small

Leadership training

  • Build leadership skills within Naari so that local women are leading the business.
  • Teach Naari leaders technology and business skills including email, spreadsheets, Cloud storage, inventory management, financial tracking, and order systems.

 Educational workshops

  • Offer workshops in computer skills, English language, nutrition, and community building.
  • Teach general business lessons on Naari’s supply chain, business economics, payment distribution, and steps towards sustainability.
Computers were purchased with the assistance of the Circle of Sisterhood.

Regional collaboration

  • Participate in the Artisan’s Leadership Collaborative where women from across the region come together to learn from each other.
  • Network with the women’s collective Maati to learn how to successfully build a self-help and community advocacy group.

Community building

  • Foster ways for the artisans to work, learn, and laugh together, enriching their relationships with each other.
  • Provide a safe and comfortable space, in the form of the Women Center, where members can meet.
  • Create a communal emergency fund which is used to provide women loans or gifts in times of crisis.
naari artisans in women's center

Through these projects the women of Himalayan Naari are able to use their traditional, home-based skills to achieve economic independence and greater community strength.  Artisans are provided a space to realize their own ability, creativity, and talents in an economically beneficial way for both themselves and their families.