Many people have helped foster the success of Himalayan Naari. In particular, long term volunteers have made tremendous contributions to the organization.

Amanda Novotney and Danielle Dacus  spent 8 months in Chakouri.  These dedicated young women  focused on leadership development at Himalayan Naari, working to make the organization sustainable in the long term.  In addition, they led the Nutrition Initiative – founding Healthy HIC and coordinating the research and follow-up.


Julia Olson spent six months in Chaukori in 2015 training Naari members in computer basics and business record-keeping.  She also served as a critical liaison with Himalayan Education Foundation in the United States.  Julia is currently studying Global Health at the Harvard Graduate School of Public Health and continues to collaborate with Himalayan Naari.

Tricia Bendik, of Benikova Designs, has been instrumental in developing Naari’s initial product line.  She merged the Naari artisans’ traditional stitchery in fashionable scarves and shawls.


Our friends help Naari in countless ways such as: selling products at craft fairs, working on inventory, holding “Chat and Chai” parties, photographing products and supporting Naari efforts.

Naari friends in the US  include: Patricia Forts, Lee Garland, Betsy Di Prima, Terry Reeves, Jeff Williams, Lelia Olson,  Monica Lehner, Alice Pell, Kitty Cloud, Lida Stinchfield , Susan Barker,  Jean Rosenthal, Eleanor Briggs, Doug Walker, M’lue Zahner, Kitty Cloud, Beate Becker, Joan Plastino, Jane White and Jay Hardikar.

We are especially grateful to our Indian friends and supporters Prakash Karki, Tarun Mahara, Anish Mangal and Raj Kumar.

Our sincere thanks to Deepti Asthana ( for permitting us to use her photographs of Naari members at work.